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Relieve Skeletal and Nerve Pain with these Alternative Therapies

By August 10, 2022September 9th, 2022Blog, Deals

The specific ache that comes with skeletal and nerve damage is overwhelming. According to WHO, it is estimated that 1.71 billion people suffer from musculoskeletal pain. The majority of clients who come to Wellspring are seeking relief from residual pain from an injury or struggling with aging. Between holistic providers and top-of-the-line wellness technologies, we have many alternative therapies to target your skeletal and nerve pain. 

The wellness technologies we recommend for these chronic pain conditions include: 

  • LiveO2
  • Vibra Pro
  • Infrared Sauna
  • MitoRed
  • IV Therapy

And the hands-on therapies that offer relief from chronic pain include: 

  • Massage
  • Core Alignment Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Movement Classes

Let’s dive into these therapies to better understand how they work. 

LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

The LiveO2 is a machine and mask that deliver high concentrations of oxygen to the user while they exert themselves. The exertion is usually a stationary bike, but those unable to pedal are guided through gentle stretches. This high concentration of oxygen is then alternated with low oxygen to further increase oxygenation throughout the entire body. 

This therapy is touted as an effective alternative to hyperbaric chamber treatment. The dramatic increase of oxygenation in the body while using this therapy increases healing times, eases pain, and builds strength with low-impact exercise. At the wellness center, we have seen clients regain mobility and decrease chronic pain time and time again with this therapy. 

Vibra Pro Vibrating Plate

Vibration therapy machines are vibrating platforms designed to move underneath the user while they perform basic exercises and stretches. This technology is one discovered by NASA for astronauts affected by the zero gravity of space. Working out on a vibrating plate increases bone density and relieves musculoskeletal pain.

At Wellspring Vitality we offer the Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic, a top-of-the-line vibration plate therapy that uses three signature movements. This plate increases the effects of the workout and stretches by forcing the body to stabilize while exercising. This strength-building eases pain and improves flexibility. 


Infrared Sauna

Relaxing the muscles is so key to easing skeletal and nerve pain. Sitting in a sauna increases blood flow throughout the entire body and is deeply relaxing. In an infrared sauna, the infrared lights directly heat your body allowing for a more intense sweat at a lower temperature compared to standard saunas that instead work to heat the environment first. 


Near/Far Infrared Light

Specific wavelengths of near/far infrared light penetrate the skin and increase energy production at a cellular level. Red light therapy has been linked to faster wound healing times and relieving chronic lower back pain. 

Red and Near Infrared light are an FDA-approved therapy that increases energy production at a cellular level. The Mito Red shines both of these types of light, the red between 620nm-700nm and all wavelengths of near infrared light between 800-880nm.


IV Therapy 

A short-term fix to ease the pain is IV Therapy to specifically address your pain points. Rocky Mountain IV Medic offers clinic days at the wellness center to address chronic pain, whether it stems from surgery, athletic injury, arthritis, or a migraine. The IV delivers Toradol, a non-narcotic that works to alleviate pain by decreasing inflammation in the body. It is non-addictive and offers fast relief while you address the underlying issues causing you pain. 


These wellness technologies are effective at easing chronic pain from skeletal and nerve damage. We recommend using these therapies over a period of time to get the best results. The therapists at the wellness center are also integral to recovery. 


Massage & Core Alignment Therapy

The wellness center’s massage therapists provide neuromuscular and core alignment therapy respectively. Both of these practices aim to relieve pain in the body and restore proper alignment to promote healing and over time resolve chronic conditions. Not only do you have the opportunity to relax areas of the body bound up in pain, but also to reset them into their proper alignment. Similar to a chiropractic session, except the therapist guides your body through movements that naturally restore alignment. Without the abrupt repositioning of the spine like traditional Chiropractic. 



This ancient healing practice is effective to ease pain and increase circulation to injuries. Acupuncture is the therapy of inserting thin needles into the body along specific energy meridians and lines. It can be traced back to ancient China. 

Acupuncturist Dr. Jeffrey Turre provides clinic days to make this life-changing therapy affordable. He is trained as a Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist and can assist you in targeting specific musculoskeletal pain. 



Another ancient healing practice is reflexology. The practice of massaging and triggering specific points in the hands and feet of the client. This therapy has been found to relieve chronic lower back pain in a study from 2012. A therapy to certainly try to ease pain and loosen the spine. 


Movement Classes

Building strength and flexibility are important to easing muscular and skeletal pain. Often the pain becomes a self-defeating cycle. We experience pain so therefore we tighten our muscles and contract them, causing more pain and discomfort. Finding a movement class that helps to stretch and move in ways that ease the pain is important for chronic conditions. 

At Wellspring Vitality, Liz Evans provides Core Transformation Fitness. This gentle movement class borrows from pilates, barre work, yoga, and massage to engage the core and playfully explore new patterns of movement for the everyday. These classes are attended by people of all fitness levels and with backgrounds with chronic pain as an effective way to build strength and flexibility. 


The most important goals to relieve musculoskeletal pain include relaxing the body, oxygenating all the affected tissue, and rebuilding muscular strength. Ask yourself as you focus on the therapies that you will utilize if they will help you reach one or maybe all three of those goals. 

You do not have to struggle with chronic pain alone. Our expert team can assist you in making a plan to tackle your specific pain. Give us a call at (970) 872-9355 to get started. When you do, ask about the Vitality Orientation, it is a free educational tour where we can begin creating a course of action that fits your unique needs.

Keep in mind, that we recommend confirming with your doctor before engaging in these alternative therapies to be certain this is a good option for you. 

Photo by Ahmed Badawy on Unsplash

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