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Schedule a Free Vitality Orientation

By March 1, 2022March 28th, 2024Blog, Deals

Have you scheduled your free Vitality Orientation yet? At the wellness center, our mission is to help you live a life of vitality.

What does that look like for you? 

Well, vitality is:

Taking a walk with a friend without pain. 

A strong healthy immune system. 

Smart Alternative wellness solutions for a chronic issue or recent diagnosis. 

Time feeling good with those you love. 

Making self-care choices to be fully alive!

What is a Vitality Orientation?

In the free Vitality Orientation, we will discuss the roadblocks holding you back from the above description of vitality. Questions like, what are your greatest wellness goals? Are there conditions you live with that you don’t have an effective treatment plan for? After you tour the wellness center and demo a wellness therapy, we will create a Vitality Syllabus depending upon your answers during the tour. Your personalized syllabus includes easy step-by-step holistic health recommendations designed to help you achieve your dreams for wellness. 

Book yours online or give us a call to schedule your orientation at (970) 872-9355

The Syllabus you take home will include: 

  • Recommended therapy schedule, will include therapies and the frequency to hit your wellness goals as soon as possible. 
  • Provider referrals, we are honored to have expert holistic providers of all kinds operating out of the wellness center. Depending upon your unique conditions, we will refer providers best suited to find solutions for you. 
  • Clarity on your goals and greatest struggles, and how you have the assistance to overcome your greatest struggles.
  • 50% off the wellness technology of your choice to demo on the day of the Orientation.

Schedule your Vitality Orientation by calling us at (970) 872-9355. 

What is the next step once you have received your Syllabus? 

While we recommend a Vitality Membership as the most affordable way to make wellness a part of your routine, you could also come in and choose a therapy package to experience all the wellness center has to offer. We recommend the Complete Body Reset or the Flow Recovery Package.

The Complete Body Reset Package begins and ends with the BEMER circulation restoration therapy. This is immediately followed by guided oxygen therapy using the LiveO2. LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy involves being fitted with an oxygen mask and practicing breathwork exercises while breathing in increased levels of oxygen. Follow this therapy with a salt therapy session and the infrared sauna. Each of these therapies targets overall health and wellness in the entire body, from skin to lungs. 

The Flow Recovery Package also begins and ends with the BEMER, immediately after your BEMER session relax on the Ceragem Korean Massage Bed to increase blood-flow. After 20 minute massage finish in the Infrared Sauna. While the first package we have found to energize clients, this package deeply relaxes the nervous system.

Are you ready to enjoy your Vitality Orientation? Give us a call at (970) 872-9355 or drop by to schedule your tour. We look forward to helping you gain a life of vitality. 

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